Marco van der Stel

Dutch Professional Triathlete

Marco is a Dutch Profressional Triathlete representing The Netherlands in international triathlon over the Sprint and Olympic distance in Continental Cups, World Cups, World Series and European and world Championships. His goals for Rio 2016 didn’t work out as planned and he will now focus on the WTS Grand Final in his hometown Rotterdam in 2017 and long term for the Olympics in Tokyo 2020.


Marco is born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands in december 1991. From a young age he was an active swimmer and started competitive swimming on the age of 8. He won several medals on the national championships 5km both in the open water and in the pool.


At the age of 18 he decided it was time for a change and Marco applied in a talent ID for the National triathlon Federation. It soon was clear that he had possibilities in triathlon. After finishing high school in 2010 Marco decided to take on triathlon fulltime for one year.


The progression he made was significant and after 2 years in triathlon Marco got to race his first World Triathlon Series in Stockholm. He proved his swim and cycling skills by making the break away of 8 including some of the worlds best.


He finished 29th and knew one thing for sure: This sport is amazing. The goal for 2012-2016 was making the Dutch Olympic team for Rio. Unfortunately that didn’t go as planned but he gave all he had to try and accomplish that. He is confident that with the way things are going now, that the future will bring something great. For now, all is focussed on the 2017 World Triathlon Series Grand final in his hometown Rotterdam!